As most of you know, photography has been far more than either a profession or avocation.  Electronics has finally allowed me to not only collect, but display my efforts in an organized way.

My real passion has been portraits, and this is reflected in the leading portfolio displayed in the collection of my work.  Selecting and uploading does take time, so if you find my images interesting, please come back often.  There will always be more to view.  This is a result of not only my new work, but of continous uploading (and in many cases first digitizing) images.

Following making portraits of people, I found that I was making images of animals the same way I did people.  This had lead to the second portfolio, animals.  These images too should tell a story.

Fern had the idea that shooting fire plugs would make an interesting collection of images.  When I started this, I had no idea the images would be as diverse as it has turned out.  Of course, the captions contribute to the "fun" behind this portfolio.

Everyone who picks up a camera at some time (if not most often) make scenery or still life images.  In most cases this is not the challenge of shooting individuals or animals, but the skill is to make an image that sets itself apart from the typical image.

Of course I am intersted in feedback; don't hesitate to send me an e-mail via the Contact Page.